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About OLS Chemical Supplies

Established in 2004, Ozone Laundry Systems commenced the supply of an evolutionary, industry changing, water and energy saving products that decreased the consumption of two precious and ever increasing costly resources like no other product had, in the history of commercial laundering. The unique Ozone Laundry Support System® supplied through Ozone Laundry Systems has saved thousands of millions litres of water, millions of units of energy and reduced C02 levels previously never thought possible in laundries throughout Australia.

In 2010, due to the ever increasing resistance of chemical providers to reduce chemical formulations and adapt the methodology of applying chemicals into the laundry wash process to deliver consistently high quality results, Ozone Laundry Systems began the supply of laundry chemistry. This allowed users of our Ozone Laundry Support System® to gain the most effective use of chemicals, water and energy in the laundry process whilst still providing the highest levels of wash quality with one supplier, who is dedicated to conserving the earth’s resources.

2011 saw the introduction of Image brand laundry machinery, laundry ancillary items (trolleys and the like) and dissolvable seam laundry bags (alginate bags) into the product range offered, further enhancing the entire laundry process.

2012 brought the introduction of kitchen & cleaning products as well as hand care products due to the demand by customers for OLSHS to provide a total site chemical solution based on the satisfaction of our laundry chemical supply.

2013 we adopted a new trading name, OLS Hospitality Supplies, to better reflect our product portfolio and added additional products such as waste containment products (garbage bags), gloves and a range of paper toweling and toilet tissue.

Today OLSHS enjoys a very high client satisfaction rate based on our ability to fully and thoroughly service our clients through skilful and dedicated levels of service and expertise. Our personnel who perform the monthly service are capable of undertaking any repairs to any of the dispensers should it be required. Our company prides its self on being able to deliver fast and effective troubleshooting as and when the need arises.