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Enviroblue 20L - Special SALE on. HURRY, don't miss this special price

Enviroblue 20L - Special SALE on. HURRY, don't miss this special price
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Water based quick breaking degreaser


ENVIROBLUE is part of a new generation of environmentally advanced, water based products specifically

formulated for degreasing and pressure washing in workshops, mining, oil rigs, etc.

Features and Benefits

  1. Advanced formulation to remove oils and grime from hard surfaces.
  2. Safe to use underground (non-flammable and hydrocarbon free).


Use Directions

ENVIROBLUE is excellent for removing grease and grime from a wide range of hard surfaces. Enviroblue can

be used for engine degreasing to workshop floors. This product is not recommended for general purpose

washing of glass, or duco on heavy and light vehicles as it may leave a residue if allowed to dry.

  1. General Cleaning (Light Soil) – Mop solution containing 40mL of Enviroblue to each Litre of water.
  2. Workshop (Medium Soil) 50mls of Enviroblue per litre of water, rinse with fresh water after cleaning.
  3. Degreasing (Heavy Soil) – Use from 250mL to 500mL per litre of water depending on soiling.
  4. Enviroblue used at strength 20mls per litre is an excellent spray on, wipe off cleaner. Rinse off with
  5. fresh water before the product dries.



20L, 205L, 1000L

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